Welcome To Macabinguel Technologies Inc.


MacTech was born in the mountains of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. Our goal is simple, find gear that works, and make it better. 

Our founder; a veteran of the PPCLI, is constantly testing physical boundaries in the mountains surrounding the greater Vancouver area and perfecting the equipment to match the lifestyle of his environment. MacTech is a constant quest of why and what would make the great outdoors, greater. Vancouver is mother natures natural template to test our products. MacTech gear is moulded by mountains, peaks, valleys, rain, wind, and the will to keep moving forward. We desire to reach the outer limits of personal endeavors, achievements, and activity in outdoor lifestyle products.

MacTech is the result of years of perfecting one product at a time, spending months obsessing over materials, details, designs, and testing. Although many products are tested rigorously only a few are awarded the MacTech logo. When you purchase MacTech gear, you are getting equipment that has been verified by our founder, and designer to meet real world testing and use.

The gear sporting a MacTech logo is the result of a no fail mission of scrutiny and passion.

We are proud to be Canadian owned and operated, and our gear simply works.

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